Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Health Information for the Winter Months

With the winter months setting in. Everyone needs to be very smart about how they treat their health. Flor-Essence is a great way to do that. If you still need more information about the herbal detox tea then I would recommend reading the following info:

As one of the top website on the web with a variety of information, I would take a look at and have browse through their topics of discussion such as what I found when I was reading a news article and subject over at Duke website with its abundance of information that has also been added. A well respected university Cornell has information on the subject. Stanford, one of the top schools in the nation has a huge and well respected medical lab and research, they have a page about it both here and here.

A well regarded website with a bunch of smart people looking to post research and help you is the UNESCO site where they have studies and good information. To see what is been said, both now or in the past, or related to the subject at hand, check out Wordsmith for more. Being that the internet is so large, it only seems natural for it to have a library, and so the IBL, where they search a variety of topics and acts like a virtual library.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Government and Organizational Studies

A large amount of information has been written about -- in regards to its effects on cancer. There are varying degrees of opinions, but a good way to study up on the subject is to read from the various government and entities out there on what they have found in their research. A good place to start is the BC Cancer Agency. A well respected source on psychiatry is PsychiatryOnline where you can also read up what they have found.

A common form of cancer often involving the use of -- by patients is Breast Cancer. The Breast Cancer Research program has information on this subject. The JNCI Cancer Spectrum is a organization with various cancer studies and I would recommend them as well. Lastly, a search at can also bring up detailed information about this subject.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Sources for information and flor-essence tea products

Products, which often vary in quality and price can make detox tea difficult. Searching for information about flor-essence at various vitamin information sources is a good idea. Here are some online store and information sources for you to learn about flor-essence tea. One of the most prevelent on the web is Puritan. The Harvard School of Public Health is a known and respected school with great resources for information on floressence. VitaminShoppe an online web store, is a pack information resource of products as one of their competitors VitaminWorld. Another small but abit a less popular resource is or if your looking for a common and well known and trusted brand name then check out while you have time.

Source of Flor-Essence Information

Sifting through the various health website you can find a wide variety of sources for which to study and gain incite on the herbal detox tea Flor-Essence. has a variety of articles and useful content associated with flor-essence, both for and against it. As they are a decent source to be trusted on their reviewing of a variety of products, CPL is a good resource. Alibaba has detox tea information related to global trade.

Reading through published medical journals is an excellent way to learn about flor-essence, I would recommend that you check out Sage Journals Online to study up on detox and do just that. Diabetes Care has information about flor-essence that relates to diabetes. A similar site Gerontology Journals also has a search for information on floressence. And a third search site JPET has a similar content and information search.

Discussion on products, quality and where flor-essence is made including but not limited to sources in China can be found here at Made in China for more updates. MediaSite has an active health and fitness community and sources of detox information. Articles from normal people like yourself might like to study up and read info at Associated Content and what they have written about herbal detox teas such as flor-essence. An export source is the Journal of American Medical Association who has a lot of books, medical journals and references for this subject.


I've started this blog to discuss the health benefits of a powerful herbal detox know as Flor-Essence. After discovering this detox tea, I have felt healthier and more alive. Flor-Essence is the best detox tea I've discovered and I hope to help convenience you of that as well.